Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC/FCI Exam Set-16

Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC/FCI Exam
Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC/FCI Exam Set-16:
The list of English questions and answer for FCI, SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Mains Exams were given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.
Directions –Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Indicate your answer choice by appropriate mark.
Passage I
            Said another great scientist, “In the field of observation, chance only favors the mind, that is prepared”.
            Lister’s mind was marvelously prepared: “other men accepted defeat: They thought vaguely that there were gases in the air, which caused wounds to become septic. Lister’s own teacher had stated that surgery had reached finality: but Lister worked on. He suspected that there were minute organisms which entered wounds, and set up their own life-destroying life there, degenerating human tissue as the green fly will destroy the rose .He began his experiments trying to send some substances which would destroy this lower form of life, or build some barrier between it and the open wound. He found what he wanted, in a powerful disinfectant, by-product of coal-tar, which he learned that the authorities at Carlisle were using on their sewage. It was carbolic. Lister introduced it into the hospital wards, into the operating room, into his surgical bandages. He dipped his instruments in it, and his swabs were rinsed in it. He even sprayed the air around with a fine mist of carbolic, while he performed his operations.
            Joseph lister had introduced anti-septic surgery.

1).Whom does chance favour?
a)    Chance favours people working hard
b)    Chance doesn’t favour at all
c)    Chance may favour or may not favour anyone.
d)    When one is waiting for the moment, chance favours the one.
e)    Only the mind that is prepared or tuned is favoured by chance.

2).Why did Lister work on?
a)    Lister’s mind was marvelllously prepared
b)    Other men accepted defeat
c)    It was vaguely though that were gases in the air, using wounds
d)    Lister believed that work was not finished
e)    He suspected that some kind of minute organisms caused wounds to become septic

3).What was the goal of lister’s experiments?
a)    He began his experiments to discover some substances, which would destroy that lower form of life.
b)    He was in search of some anti-septic substance
c)    He wanted to break the barrier
d)    Lister was nor sure of his aim
e)    None of these

4).What is the so-called ‘lower’ form of life?
a)    Very small living things less developed than animals.
b)    microbes
c)    germ
d)     bacteria
e)    None of these

5).What was the substance, discovered by Lister, for the anti-septic surgery?
a)    carbolic
b)    sulphuric acid
c)    hydrochloric acid
d)    nitric acid
e)    None of these

1). e) 2). e) 3). b) 4). b) 5). a)

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