Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/FCI Exam Set-25

Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/FCI Exam
Physics GK Quiz - for SSC/FCI Exam Set-25:

1).Atom bomb is based on the principle of
a)    Nuclear fusion
b)    Nuclear fission
c)    Chemical reaction
d)    None of these 

2).Which one of the following layers of the atmosphere is responsible for the reflection
a)    Troposphere
b)    Stratosphere
c)    Mesosphere   
d)    Ionosphere  

3).Which of the following waves/rays are produced by nuclear charges in the atom?
a)    Infrared rays   
b)    Lights waves
c)    X-rays
d)    Ƴ-rays

4).When a wave goes from one place to another it transports
a)    Matter   
b)    Energy
c)    Mass
d)    Nothing

5).The sudden falloff atmospheric pressure indicates
a)    Fair weather  
b)    Storm
c)    Rain
d)    Cold wave

6).A 100 watt bulb will consume one unit of electrical energy in
a)    1 hour
b)    10 hours
c)    One day
d)    60 hours

7).Television was discovered by
a)    Becquerrel  
b)    Bhaba H. J.
c)    Bohr
d)    Baird J. L.

8).The solar system belongs to the galaxy called
a)    Andromeda nebula
b)    Milky way
c)    Radio galaxy
d)    Magellanic cloud

9).In an electric bulb a little nitrogen or argon is introduced at low pressure to
a)    Cool the hot filament
b)    Withstand atmospheric pressure
c)     Prevent evaporation of element  
d)    Increase brightness of the filament

10).The minimum lengths of a plane mirror in which a person can see himself in full length should be.
a)    Equal to the person’s height
b)    Slightly more than his height
c)    Nearly half of his height
d)    Nearly one fourth of his height

1). b) 2).d ) 3).d ) 4).b ) 5).b ) 6).b ) 7).d ) 8). a) 9).a ) 10). c)

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