List of Important Branches of Science and Its Definition | GK Material Download in PDF

List of Important Branches of Science and Its Definition
List of Important Branches of Science and Its Definition | GK Material Download in PDF:
The list of important GK material from Branches of Science and its Definitions are given here for SSC and FCI exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC and all other competitive exams can use this GK material.

important Branches of Science and its Definition

·         Anatomy : Science of animal body structure
·         Archaeology : Study of ancient civilizations from the ruins of old buildings and monuments.
·         Astrology : Art of prediction by analyzing the effect of heavenly bodies upon the destiny of man.
·         Astronomy : Science of the heavenly bodies. It is the Scientific study of the magnitude, motion, relative positions and all connected phenomena of heavenly bodies.
·         Acoustics : The Science of sound, its production, transmission and effects.
·         Astrophysics : A Branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature and composition of stars.
·         Biochemistry : The study of the chemical of physio-chemical process and products involved in the life phenomena of plants and animals.
·         Cosmography : Description, mapping of general features of the Universe or earth
·         Entomology : Study of insects.
·         Embryology : Science of the womb.
·         Etymology : part of linguistic science concerned with facts relating to formalion and    meaning of words.
·         Gynecology : The branch of medicine that is concerned with the diseases singular to  women, specially of the genital tract and its structure and glands concerned with it.
·         Genetics : The study of heredity of individuals.
·         Geophysics : Science dealing with the properties of matter and energy which brings          about changes in the earth’s surface.
·         Geology : Science of earth’s crust, its strata and their relations and changes.
·         Horticulture : Art of Garden cultivation.
·         Hydropathy : Medical treatment by external and internal application of water.
·         Hydroponics : Study of raising of plants on water, without the help of soil.
·         Hydrodynamics : Scientific study of the forces exerted by liquids.
·         Helio therapy : Use of sun-baths healing diseases.
·         Hydrography : scientific study of the water bodies of the Earth.
·         Hydrophonics : Detection of sound under water.
·         Metallurgy : The  branch of science dealing with the method of extraction of metals from their ores, and the preparation of alloys.
·         Meterology : Science of weather and climate
·         Mycology : Study of fungi.
·         Numismatics : Study of coins or coinage.
·         Ornithology : Scientific study of birds.
·         Pathology : Science of bodily diseases.
·         Paleobotany : Science of the fossils of plants.
·         Physiography : The study of the physical features of the earth, their causes and their  relation to one another.
·         Phychology : Science of dealing with the study of human mind.
·         Pisciculture : Art of rearing fish.
·         Radiology : Science of Conversion of radiant energy into mechanical force.
·         Selsmology : Scientific Study of earthquakes.
·         Sericulture : Study of skill worm breeding.
·         Toxicology : The science that treats the origin, nature, properties, and effects of poisons,  of their detections in the organs and tissues, and of the treatment of diseases due to  poisoning.

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