Important GK Question from Economics and Commerce for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-22

Important GK Question from Economics and Commerce for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam
Important GK Question from Economics and Commerce for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-22:
List of Important GK questions from Economics and Commerce for SSC exam were given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for SSC CHSL, FCI Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1).What is included in the New Economic Policy?
a)    Globalisation
b)    Liberalisation
c)    Privatisation
d)    All of these

2).Which of the following steps may be taken by a government to check inflation temporarily?
a)    Taxes should be reduced
b)    Wages of workers should be increased
c)    Money supply should be reduced   
d)    None of the above  

3).Stability of prices can be brought about by
a)    Increasing production   
b)    Controlling the circulation of money
c)    Controlling of currency
d)    Both(A) and (B) above

4).Which of the following is an example of credit investment?
a)    A share(of stock)   
b)    A cheque
c)    A banker’s acceptance
d)    A bond

5).Which of the following would be “fixed cost” to a manufacturing firm?
a)    Plant and machinery  
b)    Raw materials
c)    Replacement of load
d)    Wages

6).Change in which of the following is the best indicator of the change in the standard of living of the people of a country?
a)    Cost of living index
b)    Index of industrial productivity
c)    Per capita income
d)    Wholesale price index

7).Which of the following is most likely to cause an immediate increase in the size of the working population?
a)    A rise in the average size of families  
b)    An increase in the birth rate
c)    A fall in the death rate of the over 60-year-olds
d)    More favourable tax treatment of the earning of married women

8).Which is true for Finance Commission?
a)    It is a statutory body
b)    It is constituted under Article 280 of the Constitution
c)    Y.V. Reddy is Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission
d)    All of these
9).On which of the following did the Mahalanobis Model lay greater emphasis for planned development in India after Independence?
a)    Agriculture
b)    Development of heavy industries
c)     Generation of power  
d)    Science and Technology

10).Which of the following is the basis for determining the national income?
a)    Total revenue of the State
b)    Production of goods and services
c)    Net profit earned and expenditure incurred by the State
d)    All of the above

1). c) 2). c) 3). d) 4). d) 5).a ) 6). c) 7).d ) 8). d) 9). b) 10).b )

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