General Awareness Quiz – For SSC/FCI Exams Set-23

General Awareness Quiz – For SSC/FCI Exams
General Awareness Quiz – For SSC/FCI Exams Set-23:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and FCI Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for ssc and other competitive exams can use this material.

1).1st December of every year is observed to mark
a)    World Habitat day
b)    Universal Children’s day
c)    World AIDS day
d)    Anniversary of United Nations

2).Spring balance is used to measure
a)    Mass
b)    Thrust
c)     Pressure  
d)    Weight

3).Universal donor in blood transfusion belongs to the blood group:
a)    A   
b)    B
c)    O
d)    AB

4).The first President of the Indian National Congress was:
a)    A. O .Hume   
b)    W. C .Bannerji
c)    Rabindra Nath Tagore
d)    C. Rajagopalachari

5).The Thein dam is built on which river
a)    Ravi  
b)    Jhelum
c)    Indus
d)    Ganges

6).Mahabodhi Temple a UNESCO World Heritage site is situated at
a)    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
b)    Patna, Bihar
c)    Bodh Gaya, Bihar
d)    Indore, Madhya Pradesh

7).Human Rights Day is observed on:
a)    10th December  
b)    14th November
c)    30th January
d)    1st May

8).The term Knock out is associated with:
a)    Chess
b)    Hockey
c)    Boxing
d)    Football

9).’Brooklyn’ in USA is associated with
a)    Tennis
b)     Golf  
c)    Snooker
d)    Base ball

10).Hepatitis F, a new virus has been discovered by the scientists of
a)    France
b)    Britain
c)    Israel
d)    India

1). c)   2).d )   3).c )   4). b)   5). a)   6).c )   7).a )   8).c )   9).a )   10). b)

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