General Awareness Quiz – For SSC CHSL / FCI Exams Set-24

General Awareness Quiz – For SSC CHSL / FCI Exams
General Awareness Quiz – For SSC CHSL / FCI Exams Set-24:

1).Tamil singer who gave music performance in united nation organization is
a)    T. K. Pattammal
b)    M. S. Subbu Laxmi
c)    Sirkazhi Govindarajan
d)    K. P. Sundarambal

2).How many players play on each side in volleyball?
a)    11
b)    9
c)    7
d)    6

3).World Environment Day was observed on
a)    June 26   
b)    June 15
c)    June 5
d)    June 22

4).The three language education was recommended by the
a)    Shanmugam Committee   
b)    Chelliah Committee  
c)    Ramanujam Committee
d)    Kothari Committee

5).Chevalier award is given by which country?
a)    Chile  
b)    Germany
c)    America
d)    France

6). Ranji Trophy and Agakhan Trophy are associated with
a)    Cricket and Football 
b)    Badminton and Hockey
c)    Football  and Volley ball
d)    Cricket and Hockey  

7).Who was sworn in as new Pope of Roman Catholic and took his name as Francis on March 13, 2013?
a)    Karol Jozef
b)    Jorge Mario Bergoglio
c)    Alibino Luciani
d)    Joseph Alois Ratzinger

8). World Population Day is observed on
a)    March 21 
b)    June 5
c)    July 11
d)    October 16

9).Against which disease the Indian Government the recently conducted a national wide immunisation programme for the children?
a)    Cholera
b)    Jaundice
c)     Polio  
d)    Tuberculosis

10).The Community Development Programme was inaugurated in
a)    1950
b)    1952
c)    1954
d)    1977

1). b) 2). d) 3). c) 4). d) 5). d) 6). d) 7). b) 8). c) 9). c) 10). b)

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