English : Daily Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams Set-32

English : Daily Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams
English : Daily Quiz for SSC/FCI Exams Set-32:
The list of practice English questions and Answers from Cloze Test are given here. Candidates those who are all preparing for the SSC CGL mains / FCI and all other competitive exams can use this.
In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested. One of which fits the blank correctly. Find out the correct word in each case.

PASSAGE : When the weather gets hot in the 1  in summer, rich people move to hill resorts and live there. 2 in countries such as England, France and North America when the weather gets very cold in winter, rich people move far to warm 3 The birds fly to distant places. It is one of the mysteries of 4 that birds are able to travel thousands of kilometers and come back to their 5 places at regular intervals.
a)    Places
b)    Hills
c)    Plains
d)    Towns
e)    Deserts

a)    similarly
b)    really
c)    actually   
d)    naturally
e)    hence  

a)    weather   
b)    climate
c)    winter
d)    water
e)    season

a)    god   
b)    man
c)    all
d)    one
e)    nature


a)    original
b)    native
c)    respective
d)    one
e)    cool

PASSAGE :  The lust for 1 is really the cause of all evils in the world. Making a fast buck of and getting rich overnight is all what a 2 man thinks of to-day. This ravishing greed for money injects the germ of 3 between father and son a friend and a friend. All the relationships are 4 by the craze for money. His 5 towards money tempts a man to commit theft robbery and even murder.
a)    money
b)    property
c)    wealth
d)    becoming rich
e)    prosperity

a)    old
b)    modern
c)    ancient
d)    rich
e)    new

a)    enmity
b)    friend
c)    evil
d)    good
e)    bad
a)    related
b)    affected
c)    effected  
d)    poisoned
e)    attracted

a)    hatred
b)    love
c)    affection
d)    affimity
e)    kindness

1). c) 2). a) 3). b) 4). e) 5). a) 6). c) 7). b) 8). a) 9). d) 10). b)