Chemistry GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set 20

Chemistry GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam
Chemistry GK Quiz for SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set 20:
The List of Important GK questions from general science were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI Exam can use this material

1).Stainless Steel is a mixture of iron, carbon and chromium which among the following is the increasing order of their percentage amounts?
a)    Chromium, Carbon, Iron
b)    Carbon, Chromium, Iron
c)    Iron, Chromium, Carbon
d)    Chromium, Iron, Carbon

2).A chemical change is
a)    Rusting of iron
b)    Magnetization of iron
c)    Melting of iron   
d)    Heating  

3).Which among the following element is present in an amalgam?
a)    Hg   
b)    Mg
c)    Mn
d)    Fe

4).Which among the following metal is found in free state?
a)       Gold
b)    Calcium
c)    Sodium
d)    Manganese

5).The unending supply of nitrogen in nature exhibits
a)    The formation of nitrogen in air  
b)    Liquefaction of  nitrogen
c)    Nitrogen cycle in nature
d)    Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous mixture

6).The HCL acid formed in human body during the process of digestion has pH value
a)    6
b)    7
c)    9
d)    None of these

7).Choose the descending order of the electrical conductivity from the following
a)    Copper,  Aluminium,  Magnesium, Silver  
b)    Copper, Silver, Magnesium, Aluminium
c)    Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Magnesium
d)    Silver,  Aluminium,  Magnesium, Copper

8).The lightest element in the periodic table is
a)    Magnesium
b)    Aluminium
c)    Platinum
d)    Lithium

9).Which among the following solution is used to decolourize the acidified potassium permanganate solution
a)    The solution of sodium sulphite
b)    The solution nitrate solution
c)     Ferric sulphate solution  
d)    Potassium sulphate solution

10).Which among the following acid is present in lemon and grape fruit?
a)    Citric acid
b)    Tartaric acid
c)    Ascorbic acid
d)    Lactic acid

1).b)  2).a)  3). a) 4). a) 5).c)  6). a) 7).c)  8).d)  9).a)  10).a)

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