Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam Set-15:

Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam
Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam Set-15:
The List of General Intelligence and Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC CGL exam were given below, Candidate those who are applied for this exam can use this questions for preparation.

Directions: In question nos.(1 to 5), in each of the following questions a series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

1).YXW  TSR  NML  ?
a)    GFE
b)    HGF
c)    KJI
d)    FED

2).CA  HE  MI  ?
a)    TP
b)    RM
c)    SM
d)    RN

3).B26E  G35J  L420  ?
a)    R47T
b)    Q49T
c)    S51V
d)    Q47T

4).9  18  25  30  ?
a)    35
b)    39
c)    33
d)    41

5).2  9  23  44  72  ?
a)    107
b)    85
c)    94
d)    100

Directions: In question nos. (6 and 7) which set of letters when sequentially placed in the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

6). __x__yw__xyxwz__z__wy__z
a)    zwzyxw
b)    zywzxw
c)    yzxyzx
d)    wzzxyw

a)    abccd
b)    bcdac
c)    bbddc
d)    adcab

8).If +, _, ×, ÷, = and > are replaced as ɳ, β, @, γ, δ and $ respectively, then which of the following is not correct?
a)    5@8 γ4φɳ3$9
b)    8 γ4β2@3ɳ8δ 4
c)    4@3ɳ6γ2δ 15
d)     4 β3ɳ6 γ2@3$12

9).Some letters are given with numbers from 1 -7.Select the sequence of numbers which arranges the letters into a meaningful word.
H  A  O  B  S  I  L
1   2    3   4  5  6  7 
a)    2347651
b)    7632145
c)    2437651
d)    4351672

10).Five children A, B, C D and E are on a ladder. B is exactly between A and D. D is not on the bottom rung. E is above A. Who among them is the second from the bottom?
a)    B
b)    D
c)    A
d)    C

1). a) 2). b) 3). d) 4). c) 5). a) 6).a ) 7). b) 8). d) 9). c) 10). b) 

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