Practice Reasoning Questions for SSC/FCI Exam

Practice Reasoning Questions with answer
Practice Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC/FCI Exam Set-6:
The List of General Intelligence and Reasoning Questions with Explanations for SSC CHSL/FCI exam were given below, Candidate those who are applied for this exam can use this questions for preparation.

1).If HKUJ means FISH, What does UVCD means?
a)    STAR
b)    STAK
c)    STAL
d)    STAB

2).When 20 x 2 = 20
25 x 4 = 50
Then 30 x 8 =?
a)    120
b)    270
c)    500   
d)    600  

3).Shame is to Honour, what Union is to?
a)    Peace    
b)    Woe
c)    Discord
d)    Accord

4).Fail is to Triumph, what Wax is to ?
a)    Wane    
b)    Fire
c)    Haste
d)    Succeed

5).Laugh is to Weep, what pride is to ?
a)    Humility   
b)    Sorrow
c)    Pleasure
d)    Pity

6).Inferior is to Superior, what Permanent is to?
a)    Temporary
b)    Perennial
c)    Workable
d)    Venerable

Directions (7 to 10): In the Questions consists of a series of letters arranged in a definite pattern. Find the pattern and decide which alternative gives the next letter in the series.
7). b c d b c e b c f b c g
a)    b  
b)    c
c)    h
d)    i

8). b c c c d e e e f g g g h i i i
a)    g
b)    i
c)    h
d)    j

9).b n c d n e f g n h i j k
a)    n
b)    l
c)    m  
d)    i

10).b c d b e f g b h i j k b l m
a)    k
b)    h
c)    l
d)    n

1). d) 2). a) 3). c) 4). a) 5). a) 6). a) 7). a) 8). d) 9). a) 10). d)

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