Practice English Questions and Answer (synonyms) for SSC CGL Mains Set-1

Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC
Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC CGL Mains Set -1:
The list of practice English questions and answer for SSC CGL Mains Exam is given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

Direction (1-10): In the Questions given below, consists of a word or phrase. Choose the “Closest Meaning” in that word or phrase.

1).The ability to move around
a)    Mobility
b)    Sociable
c)    Nobility
d)    Compatibility

2).Extreme eagerness and desire to get or keep wealth
a)    Avarice
b)    Parsimony
c)    Average
d)    Averse

3).To pass away
a)    Die
b)    Perish
c)    Go
d)    Polish

4).To Continue to live
a)    Survive
b)    Venture
c)    Pasture
d)    Culture

5).To strengthen by the addition of men, equipment, etc.
a)    Reinforce
b)    Relieve
c)    Challenge
d)    Adventure

6).To do or to conduct
a)    Carry on
b)    Bring up
c)    Check in
d)    Carry off

7).A small left over piece
a)    Remnant
b)    Permanent
c)    Pertinent
d)    Solvent

a)    Column
b)    Solemn
c)    Caravan
d)    Colloquial

9).To Forbid
a)    Ban
b)    Sanction
c)    Tell
d)    Quell

10).To tell the truth solemnly
a)    Sweat
b)    Flow
c)    Flood
d)    Leak

1).  b)    2).  b)   3).  b)   4).  b)   5). b)  6).  b)   7).  a)  8).  a)  9).  a)   10).  c)

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