Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC Exam Set-11

Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC Exam
Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC Exam Set-11:
The list of practice Aptitude Questions with Solutions for SSC Exam was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

1).The value of
1/(1+√2) + 1/(√2 +√3) + 1/(√3+√4) + 1/(√4+√5)  + 1/(√5 +√6) + 1/(√6+√7) +1/(√7+√8)  + 1/(√8 +√9)   is
a)    2
b)    0
c)    4
d)    1

2).While solving a problem, by mistake, Anita squared a number and then subtracted 25 from it rather than first subtracting 25 from the number and then squaring it. But she got the right answer. What was the given number?
a)    48
b)    13
c)    Cannot be determined
d)    38

3).A General of Army wants to form a square from 36562 armies. After arrangement, he found some armies left. How many armies were left?
a)    81
b)    36
c)    97
d)    65

4).The square root of (2+√3)/2 is
a)    1/√2(√3+1)
b)    ±1/2(√3-2)
c)    None of these
d)    1/2(√3-1)

5).The value of √72+√72+√72+⋯
a)    9
b)    8
c)    18
d)    12

6).In a farm there are cows and hens. If heads are counted they are 180, if legs are counted they are 420.The number of cows in the farm is ______.
a)    130
b)    150
c)    50
d)    30

7).The number which can be written in the form of n (n+1) (n+2), when n is a natural number, is _________.
a)    7
b)    3
c)    5
d)    6

8).The value of (11111)2 is
a)    12344321
b)    121212121
c)    123454321
d)    11344311

9).Two workers A and B are engaged to do a piece of work. A working alone would take 8 hours more to complete the work than when work together. If B worked alone, would take 4 ½ hours more than when work together. The time required to finish the work together is _________.
a)    5 hours
b)    4 hours
c)    8 hours
d)    6 hours

10).If a man earns Rs.2000 for his first 50 hours of work in a week and is then paid one and a half times his regular hourly rate for any additional hours, then the hours must he work to make Rs.2300 in a week is ________.
a)    6 hours
b)    4 hours
c)    7 hours
d)    5 hours