Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC CGL Mains set-1

Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC
Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC CGL Mains Set-1:
The list of practice Aptitude Questions with Solutions for SSC CGL Mains Exam was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

1).The curved surface area of a right circular cylinder of radius 2 cm is 264 cm2. The height of the cylinder, in cm, is
a)    14
b)    10.5
c)    21
d)    42

2).Base of a right pyramid is square. The length of a diagonal of the base is 12√12 cm.If each lateral surface of the pyramid is a equilateral triangle, then its volume (in is
a)    208√12
b)    288√2
c)    288
d)    288√3

3).A merchant purchases a wrist watch from Rs.450 and fixes its list price in such a way that after allowing a discount of 10%, earns a profit of 20%. Find the list price of the wrist watch.
a)    Rs.585
b)    Rs.495
c)    Rs.540
d)    Rs.600

4).A rides from his house at 12 noon towards B’s house at a speed of 8 km/hour. After hour, B rides from his house towards A’s at a speed 7 km/hour. If the distance between the two houses is 68 km the time when they meet is
a)    6 PM
b)    3 PM
c)    4 PM
d)    5 PM

5).Two runners cover the same distance at the rate of 15 km and 16 km per hour respectively. Find the distance travelled when one takes 32 minutes longer than the other.
a)    128 km
b)    64 km
c)    96 km
d)    108 km

6).On a journey across Mumbai a taxi averages 20 m.p.h. for 70% of the distance, 25 m.p.h. for 10% of the distance and 8 m.p.h. for the remainder. Then the average speed of the whole journey is
a)    15.925 m.p.h
b)    15.25 m.p.h
c)    15 m.p.h
d)    15.625 m.p.h

7).The average age of four sisters is 7 years. If the age of the mother is included, the average is increased by 6 years. Then the age of the mother is
a)    37 years
b)    34 years
c)    32 years
d)    40 years

8).A sells to B an iron box at 10% profit. B sells it to C for 20% profit. If C pays Rs.528, then the cost price of A is
a)    Rs.508
b)    Rs.500
c)    Rs.498
d)    Rs.400

9).20% of a man’s salary is paid as rent, 60% are his living expenses and 10% is paid in LIC. If he spends the remaining Rs.3,000 on education of children, his salary is
a)    Rs.30,000
b)    Rs.9,000
c)    Rs.90,000
d)    Rs,35,000

10).If (x-2)2 + (y - ½ )2  = 0 then the value of x/y is
a)    2
b)    1
c)    4
d)    1/4

1). c) 2). b) 3). d) 4). d) 5). a) 6). d) 7). a) 8). d) 9). a) 10). c)