Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC/FCI Exam Set-6

Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC/FCI Exam
Practice Aptitude Questions with Solution for SSC/FCI Exam Set-6:
The list of practice Aptitude Questions with Solutions for SSC / FCI Exams were given here, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

1).In a partnership business,B’s capital was half of A’s. If after 8 months, B withdrew half of his capital and after 2 months more A withdrew 1/4 th of his capital, then the profit ratio of A and B will be
a)    5:2
b)    10:23
c)    2:5
d)    23:10

2).A school group characters three identical buses and occupies 4/5 of the seats. After ¼ of the passagers leave, the remaining passengers use only two of the buses. The fraction of the seats on the two buses that are now occupies is
a)    8/9
b)    7/10
c)    7/9
d)    9/10

3).A and B invest in the ratio 3:5.After 6 months joins the business investing an amount equal to B’s. At the end of the year what will be the ratio of their profits?
a)    6:10:5
b)    3:5:2
c)    8:10:5
d)    3:5:5

4).In a library the ratio of story books and other books is 7:2 and there are 1512 story books. Due the collection of some more story books they said ratio becomes 15:4.The number of story books collected is
a)    108
b)    100
c)    205
d)    97

5).If the product of two positive numbers is 1575 and their ratio is7:9, then the greater number is
a)    45
b)    35
c)    135
d)    63

6).The average weight of first 11 persons among 12 persons is 95 kg. The weight of 12th person is 33 kg more than the average weight of all the 12 persons. The weight of the 12th person is
a)    128.75 kg
b)    128 kg
c)    131 kg
d)    97.45 kg

7).The average of the largest and smallest 3 digit numbers formed by 0, 2 and 4 would be
a)    312
b)    213
c)    222
d)    303

8).The average of six numbers is 3.95.The average of two of them is 3.4, while the average of the other two is 3.85.The average of the remaining two numbers is
a)    4.6
b)    4.5
c)    4.8
d)    4.7

9).If the average of eight consecutive even numbers is 93, and then the greatest number among them is
a)    100
b)    86
c)    102
d)    98

10).If the arithmetic mean of 3a and 4b is greater than 50, and a is twice b, then the smallest possible integer value of a is
a)    20
b)    18
c)    21
d)    19

1). d) 2). d) 3). a) 4). a) 5). a) 6). c) 7). a) 8). a) 9). a) 10). c)

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