Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam Set-18

Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam
Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam Set-18:
The List of Important General Awareness questions from general science biology were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1).White neurons are……..
a)    myelinated
b)    non-medullated
c)    non-myelinated
d)    polyhedral in shape

2).Rods and cones of retiria are made up of…….
a)    bipolar neurons
b)    unipolar neurons
c)     xenons  
d)    photons

3).Point of contact between the neighbouring nerve cells is called…..
a)    synapse
b)    menopause
c)    pause
d)    pass

4).Central information processing organ…….
a)    eye   
b)    brain
c)    ear
d)    heart

5).Human brain is divided into……..
a)    Fore brain, Mid brain and Hind brain
b)    Hind brain, Mid brain and Fore brain
c)    Mid brain, Hind brain and Fore brain
d)    Fore brain, Hind brain and Mid brain

6).Fore brain consists of………..
a)    Cerebrum, cerebellum and thalamus
b)    Cerebrum, thalamus and cerebellum
c)    Cerebrum, thalamus and hypothalamus
d)    Cerebrum, hypothalamus and cerebrum

7).Cerebral cortex contains………..Pick out the odd one.
a)    Motor areas
b)    Sensory areas
c)    Association areas
d)    Specific areas

8).The…… located between the thalamus and the hind brain.
a)    hypothalamus
b)    Mid brain
c)    Pons
d)    Medulla oblongata

9).Mid brain with the hind brain together form the………
a)    stem
b)    brain stem
c)    stem cell
d)    thick stem

10). …………contain sleep centre and respiratory centre.
a)    Pons
b)    Medulla oblongata
c)    Spinal cord
d)    Endocrine gland

1). a) 2).a ) 3).a ) 4).b ) 5). a) 6).c ) 7). d) 8).b ) 9).b ) 10).a )

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