Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam Set-17

Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam
Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC/FCI Exam Set-17:
The List of Important General Awareness questions from general science biology were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC/FCI Exam and all other competitive exams can use this material.

1).The “T” Iymphocytes are differerntiated to resist infection in_________.
a)    Parathyroid gland
b)    Lymph gland
c)    Thymus gland
d)    Adrenal gland

2).In Meiosis-I, pairing of homologous chromosomes take place during ________ stage.
a)    leptotene
b)    zygotene
c)    pachytene  
d)     diplotene

3).Consider the following statements
I. Alpha cells produce insulin and beta cells produce glucagon.   
II. Cortisone suppresses the immune response.
III. Thymus gland is a lymphoid mass.
           IV. Ovary produces eggs and androgen
Select the correct answer.
a)    I&II are  correct
b)    II&III are correct
c)    I&IV  are wrong
d)    II&III  are  wrong

4).Pick out the item which has sequential arrangements
a)    Zygotene → Lleptotene→Pachytene→Diplotene→Diakinesis       
b)    Diakinesis→Zygotene→Leptotene→Pachytene→Diplotene
c)    Leptotene→Zygotene→Pachytene→Diplotene→Diakinesis
d)    Leptotene→Diakinesis→ Zygotene→Diplotene→ Pachytene

5). ________ of nerve cells make up our brain.
a)    Millions  
b)    Crores
c)    Billions
d)    Lakhs

6).Cell body of neuron contains cytoplasm with typical cell organelles and certain granular bodies called_________.
a)    Sissi  granules
b)    Nissle’s  granules
c)    Thisl  granules
d)    Chisel granules

7). _________ transmit electrical impulses towards the cyton.
a)    Axon  
b)    Cyton
c)    Dendrites
d)    Hormones

8).Schwann cells are found over the __________.
a)    Sheath
b)    Fat sheath
c)    Myelin sheath
d)    Dendron

9).The embryonic nervous tissue contains_________.
a)    Bipolar neurons
b)    Multipolar neuronss
c)    Unipolar neurons
d)    Tripolar neurons  

10).Grey neurons are_____________.
a)    medullated
b)    myelinated
c)    non-medullated
d)    irregular in shape

1). c)   2).b)  3).c)  4). c)   5).c)   6).b)  7).c)  8).c)   9).c)   10).c)

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