Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-22

Indian Constitution and Polity
Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity SSC CHSL/FCI Exam Set-22:
The List of Important General Awareness Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity is given here below. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CHSL/FCI Exams can use this.

1).Which one of the following is NOT appointed by the Governor?
a)    The Chief Minister
b)    Advocate General
c)    Member of state Public Service Commission
d)    Judges of the High Court

2).Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?
a)    First Schedule---List of State and Union Territories of Union
b)    Second Schedule—Functions and powers of Election Commission
c)    Seventh Schedule—Division of powers between the Union and the States
d)    Tenth Schedule—Anti defection Law

3).The Planning Commission was established by __________.
a)    An act of Parliament
b)    An Ordinance issued by the President
c)    A resolution of Union Council of Ministers
d)    The provisions of the  Constitution

4).The objective of Audit is to examine and monitor the expenditure made by________.
a)     The Executive
b)    The Legislature
c)    The Judiciary
d)    All the above

5).Which one of the following was NOT included in the Fundamental Rights as given in the Constitution of 1950?
a)    Right to property
b)    Right to freedom of speech
c)    Right to education
d)    Right  against exploitation

6).How many subjects have been included in the 11th Schedule of Constitution, under the jurisdiction of Panchayati Raj institution?
a)    19
b)    29
c)    39
d)    49

7).If offices of both the President and the Vice-President become vacant at any time, who will discharge the functions of the President?
a)    The Speaker of the Lok Sabha  
b)    The Chief Election Commissioner
c)    Prime Minster
d)    Chief Justice of India

8).Who was elected to the office of President as an independent candidate?
a)    Dr. Rajendra Prasad
b)    V.V. Giri
c)    Sanjeeva Reddy
d)    Dr. Zakir Hussain

9).Who won the election of President as an unopposed candidate?
a)    Dr.Rajendra Prasad
b)    V.V.Giri
c)    Sanjeeva Reddy
d)    Dr.Zakir Hussain

10).The Ministers are individually responsible to _________.
a)    President
b)    Lok Sabha
c)    Prime Minister
d)    House of which they are members

1). d) 2). b) 3). c) 4). d) 5). c) 6). b) 7). d) 8). b) 9). c) 10). a)

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