Important GK Questions from Geography for SSC/FCI Exams

Geography - GK Quiz
Important GK Questions from Geography for SSC/FCI Exams Set-21:
The List of Important GK questions from Geography for SSC/FCI Exams were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC and all other competitive Exams can use this material.

1).Lapps inhabit
a)    European tundra
b)    Russian tundra
c)    Asiatic tundra
d)    South American grasslands

2).Which countries are separated by the Durand Line?
a)    India and Sri Lanka
b)    India and Pakistan
c)     India and Afghanistan
d)     India and China

3).Which region is most famous for citrus fruits?
a)    Deserts
b)    Mediterranean regions
c)    Temperate grasslands
d)    Monsoon regions

4).The most important crop of the temperate grassland is
a)     Sugarcane  
b)    Citrus fruit
c)    Cereals
d)    Date

5).Which country is the leading producer of Uranium?
a)      India
b)    Japan
c)    Russia
d)    Canada

6).Which area is important for soft wood forests?
a)    Cold and temperate regions
b)    Tundra regions
c)    Monsoon regions
d)    Mid-latitude deserts

7).The leading producers of rock phosphate are

a)    Canada and Russia
b)    India and Japan
c)    USA and Russia
d)    France and Russia

8).The largest producer of mercury is
a)    France
b)    Russia
c)    Spain
d)    China

9).Which one of the following is the smallest state of India?
a)    Tripura
b)    Meghalaya
c)    Sikkim
d)    Nagaland

10).Which country is known as the sugar bowl of the world?
a)    Cuba
b)    Russia
c)    India
d)    China

1).a ) 2). c) 3). b) 4). c) 5). d) 6).a ) 7). c) 8). d) 9). c) 10). a)