Important GK Questions from Economics & Commerce for SSC Exam Set-17

Important GK Questions from Economics & Commerce for SSC Exam
Important GK Questions from Economics & Commerce for SSC Exam Set-17:
The List of Important GK questions from Economic and Commerce were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC Exam can use this material. We also provide GK Questions from the topics such as, Indian Polity, History, Geography, Science, Economic and Commerce. Follow Us Daily for More Study Materials

1).NABARD is a __________.
a)    Bank
b)    Bureau
c)    Board
d)    Department

2).In Indian Agriculture, there is a need for _______.
a)    Rapid mechanisation
b)    No Mechanisation
c)    Selective and restricted mechanisation   
d)    Modernised mechanization   

3).Which of the following are having direct touch with the farmers?
a)    State Co-operative Banks   
b)    Central Co-operative Bank
c)    The Reserve Bank of India
d)    Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

4).Land Development Banks provide credit to farmers for __________.
a)    Short-term needs   
b)    Medium-term needs
c)    Long –term needs
d)    Flood

5).The new agricultural strategy called Green Revolution was initiated in ________.
a)    1947  
b)    1951
c)    1965
d)    1974

6).The success of Green Revolution depends on the availability of ____________.
a)    High yielding variety of seeds
b)    Adequate irrigational facilities
c)    Chemical fertilizers and pesticides
d)    All of these

7).The Main impact of the Green Revolution has been on _________.
a)    Cereals
b)    Pulses
c)    Fruits
d)    Vegetables

8).The Green Revolution has lead to ________.
a)    Increase in regional inequalities   
b)    Increase in interpersonal inequalities
c)    Maximum benefit to wheat crop
d)    All of these

9).The new name for Agriculture Prices Commission is __________.
a)    Rural Prices Commission
b)    Agricultural Costs Commission
c)    Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices    
d)    Agricultural Marketing Commission

10).The largest wheat producing state in India is _______.
a)    Punjab
b)    Haryana
c)    Uttar Pradesh
d)    Madhya Pradesh

1). a) 2). c) 3). d) 4). c) 5). c) 6). d) 7). a) 8). d) 9). c) 10). c)

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