Important General Awareness Questions and Answers-SSC Exams

Important General Awareness Questions and Answers-SSC Exams-2015
Important General Awareness Questions and Answer-SSC Exams:
The List of General Awareness questions and answers for SSC and FCI Exams. Candidates those who are all preparing for ssc and other competitive exams can use this material.

1).Which of the following State does not have Legislative council?
a)    Andhra Pradesh
b)    Bihar
c)    Uttar Pradesh
d)    Madhya Pradesh

2).The Latest addition in fundamental duties under Article-51A of the constitution of India is:
a)    Protecting and safeguarding natural environment
b)    Safeguarding public property
c)    Providing opportunities for the education to the child or ward between the age of six and fourteen years    
d)    Defending the country and rendering national service when called upon

3).As per the Constitution of India, the state Legislature shall consist of _______.
a)    Governor, Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly    
b)    Governor, Legislative Assembly where there is no Legislative Council
c)    Chief Minister, Governor, Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly
d)    Either A and B

4).If for a period of ________ a member of either house of the parliament is without the permission of the house absent from all meetings therefore, the house may declare his/her seat vacant.
a)    30 days   
b)    15 days
c)    8 days
d)    23 days

5).The historic 100th Mission launched successfully by ISRO on September 9, 2012 was ___________.
a)    PSLV-C21  
b)    PSLV-C19
c)    PSLV-C20
d)    PSLV-C18

6).Which amidst the following was not a fort of the Maratha Ruler Shivaji?
a)    Sindhudurg
b)    Padamagurg
c)    Raigad
d)    None of these

7).Name the India’s main battle tank, developed by D.R.D.O.
a)    Akash   
b)    Nag
c)    Arjun
d)    Shalki

8).Which of the following refers to trade bloc the littoral state of the Pacific Ocean?
a)    ASEAN
b)    APEC
c)    NAFTA
d)    SAPTA

9).Who was the founder of VIjainagar empire?
a)    Krishna Deva Raya
b)    Devoraya-I
c)    Harihar and BUkka
d)    Ram Raya

10).Who among the following introduced the Vernacular press Act?
a)    Lord Lytton
b)    Lord Rippon
c)    Lord Curzon
d)    Lord Hastings

1). d) 2). c) 3). d) 4). a) 5). a) 6). d) 7). c) 8). b) 9). c) 10). a)

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