English Questions (Sentence Improvement) From Last year SSC CGL Question Paper:

English Questions From Last year SSC CGL
English Questions From Last year SSC CGL Question Paper:
The list of English questions and answer for SSC CGL Exam is given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

Directions (1-10): In the following questions, a sentence/part of the sentence is given in Bold. Choose the correct alternatives from the below four options.

1).Simran is Careful with her use of oil when cooking.
a)    Economical
b)    Stringy
c)    Economic  
d)    No Improvement

2).I was impressed by his descend talk.
a)    Decent
b)    Decadent
c)    Descending    
d)    No Improvement  

3).The pen is better than the sword.
a)    Stronger    
b)    Weaker
c)    Mightier
d)    No Improvement

4).The bank lent him money, hasn’t it?
a)    Is it    
b)    Didn’t
c)    Isn’t it
d)    No Improvement

5).The accident was occurring at 10.30 this morning.
a)    Occurs   
b)    Hard occurred
c)    occurred
d)    No Improvement

6).His prayer was that the child might live.
a)    Should
b)    Will
c)    Would
d)    No Improvement

7).He gave the leaflet to those who came to the meeting.
a)    Whoever came   
b)    Whoever is coming
c)    Whoever come
d)    No improvement

8).They borrowed the money at six percent annually.
a)    At annum six percent
b)    At six percent per annum
c)    At annually six percent
d)    No Improvement

9).There is not a lot of time left.
a)    Such
b)    some
c)    much   
d)    No Improvement

10).Seema made signs to Sita that it was time to go.
a)    Waved
b)    Gestured
c)    Called
d)    No Improvement

1). a) 2). a) 3). c) 4).b)  5). c) 6). c) 7). a) 8). d) 9). c) 10). b)
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