English Questions and Answer for Upcoming SSC Exam 2015 set-30

English Questions and Answer for Upcoming SSC Exam
English Questions and Answer for Upcoming SSC Exam 2015 set-30:
The list of English questions and answer for Upcoming SSC Exam is given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

            Directions (1-10): In each of the following questions an idiom/a phrase/a saying is given in bold in the sentence at the question place. Each of them has been followed by four options of its meaning or sense. Out of the given alternatives, you have to choose one which denotes the most suitable sense or meaning of the given idiom/ phrase/ saying.

1).By dint of hard labour he has stood first in his class and that is another feather in his cap.
a)    Something to be proud of
b)    Something of less importance
c)    Something of least consideration
d)    Something with lucrative value

2).He always tries to live a carefree life. The desire to make a tour of the entire country lies at his heart.
a)    To be an object of interest
b)    To be disposed to do anything
c)    To treat as a little consequence
d)    To abstain from work

3).Though Indian forces got success in Kargil, they burnt their boats and launched a suicidal attack on the enemy tanks.
a)    To do the work with zeal
b)    To destroy at its very beginning
c)    To stake everything on success
d)    To endure the major stress

4).Once the house hold articles were offered on rock-bottom prices, but now the prices have risen to unbearable heights.
a)    A state of passion
b)    The higher rate
c)    The lowest possible prices
d)    Somewhat in excess of

5).In the final round of the contents his opponent appeared heavy upon him and came off second best.
a)    To show regret for something undesirable
b)    To be in a state of discomfort
c)    To get the worst of anything
d)    To get the best of anything

6).If the genius demands of the employees are not granted by the government they are complained to adopt measures, war to the knife.
a)    A raising of hands to show approval
b)    An unsatisfactory bargain
c)    A middle way of appeasing all
d)    A bitter and deadly struggle

7).He is smartly dressed. He cuts quite a dash in his new suit
a)    To look smart and up-to-the mark
b)    To look civilized and well-established
c)    To get afflicted with insult
d)    To cause oneself to have a poor appearance

8).His father was an experienced person. If he had shown his hand to him, he would have succeeded in his venture.
a)    To reveal one’s plan of action
b)    To accept a thing that satisfy one’s own ego
c)    To be defeated
d)    To talk foolishly

9).My eldest brother has two strings to his bow; he is a government servant and also deals in food stuffs.
a)    To give a surprise to someone
b)    To have two aims in a single dealing
c)    To have two expenses to meet with
d)    To have two sources of income to rely upon

10).He has to go abroad. He wants to clear his extra stock of things and has tries to sell them for a song.
a)    To detect something wrong
b)    To calculate something in one’s favor
c)    To sell very cheaply
d)    To sell dearly

1). a) 2). a) 3). c) 4). c) 5). c) 6). d) 7). d) 8). a) 9). d) 10). c)

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