Practice Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL Exam (with Solution) Set-7

Practice Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL Exam (with Solution)
Practice Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL Exam (with Solution) Set-7:
The list of practice Aptitude Questions for SSC CGL Exam was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

1).AB is a diameter of a circle with centre O.The tangents at C meets AB produced at Q.If ∠CAB =34° then measure of ∠CBA is
a)    56
b)    34
c)    68
d)    124

2).For an equilateral triangle, the ratio of the in-radius and the ex-radius is
a)    1:2
b)    1:√2
c)    1:3
d)    1:√3

3).If a and b are the lengths of the sides of a right triangle whose hypotenuse is 10 and whose area is 20, then the value of (a+b)2 is
a)    140
b)    180
c)    120
d)    160

4).The circumference of a triangle is 24 cm and the circumference of its in-circle is 44cm.Then the area of the triangle is (talking π= 22/7)
a)    56 square cm.
b)    84 square cm.
c)    48 square cm.
d)    68 square cm.

5).If the length of each of two equal sides of an isosceles triangle is 10 cm. and the adjacent angle is 45 ,then the area of the triangle is
a)    20 √2 square cm.
b)    12 √2 square cm.
c)    25 √2 square cm.
d)    15√2square cm.

6).Let P and Q be two points on a circle with centre O.If two tangents of the circle through P and Q meet at A with ∠PAQ=48° THEN ∠APQ is
a)    96
b)    48
c)    66
d)    60

7).The length of the diagonal of a rectangle with sides 4m and 3m would be______.
a)    12m
b)    7m
c)    5m
d)    14m

8).If the sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3 : 1¼ : 3¼,then the triangle is ________.
a)    Right triangle
b)    Obtuse triangle
c)    Equiangular triangle
d)    Acute triangle

9).The value of θ(0≤ θ≤90° )satisfying 2 sin2θ =3cos θ is
a)    60
b)    30
c)    90
d)    45

10).a, b, c are the lengths of three sides of a triangle ABC.If a, b, c are related by the relation a2+b2+c2 =ab+bc+ca, then the value of sin2 A +sin2 B+sin2C is
a)    3/4
b)    3  3 / 2
c)    3/2
d)    9/4