List of Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC-CGL Exam Set-12

List of Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC -CGL Exam
List of Important GK Questions from Science (Biology) for SSC -CGL Exam Set-12:
The List of Important GK questions from general science biology were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC CGL Exam can use this material. We also provide GK Questions from the topics such as, Indian Polity, History, Geography, Science, Economic and Commerce. Follow Us Daily for More Study Materials.

1).Prokaryotes have _____________.
a)    Well developed nucleus
b)    Nucleoles
c)    Poorly developed nucleus
d)    No nucleus

2).Bacteria comes under __________ cells.
a)    Prokaryotic
b)    Eukaryotic
c)    Karyotic   
d)    Biotic  

3).An example of bacterial disease.
a)    Polio    
b)    Meningitis
c)    Plague
d)    Hepatitis

4).Non-green saprophytic or parasitic plants living on dead and decaying organic matter or living organisms. Pick out the organism.
a)    Bacteria   
b)    Virus
c)    Algae
d)    Fungi

5).Amoebic dysentry is caused by _____________.
a)    Protozoans   
b)    Metazoans
c)    Eumetazoans
d)    Parazoans

6).Ascariasis is caused by __________.
a)    Tapeworm
b)    Filarial worm
c)    Round worm
d)    Liver fluke

7).More than hundred strains of viruses are responsible for causing ___________.
a)    Fever   
b)    Stomach Pain
c)    Common cold
d)    Filatiasis

8).Children are more susceptible to ______ than adults.
a)    Filariasis
b)    Pellagra
c)    Chest pain
d)    Common cold

9).___________ is spherical in shape and highly contagious, causing influenza.
a)    A(H1N1) Virus
b)    A(H2N1) Virus
c)    A(H2N2) Virus   
d)    A(HN) Virus

10).Handkerchief, bedding, clothes, utensils, toilet articles etc., of sick people are called __________.
a)    Mites
b)    Fomites
c)    Bites
d)    Pumites

1). c)   2). a)   3). c)   4). d)   5). a)   6). c)   7). c)   8). d)   9). a)   10). b)

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