List of Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity Set-16

Indian Constitution and Polity
List of Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity Set-16:
The List of Important General Awareness Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity is given here below. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC Exams can use this.

1).Which of the following is NOT generally considered as a part of the right to equality?
a)    Equal protection of law
b)    Equality of opportunity for all
c)    Equality of right to satisfaction of basic needs of all
d)    Equality of treatment in all circumstances

2).Which of the following are the Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution of India?
1.    To follow the principles of morality
2.    To uphold and protect the sovereignty and integrity of India
3.    To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture   
4.    To safeguard public property and to abjure violence  
Select the correct answer from the code given below:
a)    1, 2, 3 and 4
b)    1 and 4
c)    1, 2 and 3
d)    2, 3 and 4

3).Which one of the following statements regarding the status of the relationship between Fundamental rights and Directive Principles of State Policy is Correct?
a)    Directive Principles cannot get priority over Fundamental Rights in any case   
b)    Directive Principles always get Priority over Fundamental Rights 
c)    Fundamental Rights always get Priority over Directive Principles
d)    In some cases, Directive Principles may get priority over Fundamental Rights

4).Who among the following do NOT participate in the election of the President of India?
a)    Elected members of the Rajya Sabha   
b)    Elected members of the Lok Sabha
c)    Elected members of the Vidhan Sabha
d)    Nominated members of the Rajya Sabha

5).The responsibility of the Prime Minister to the Lok Sabha is __________.
a)    Intermittent   
b)    Indirect
c)    At the time of election
d)    Direct, continuous and collective

6).The basic problem in the working of Parliamentary system in India arises out of __________.
a)    Lack of a cohesive and viable party system
b)    The absence of an efficient and independent judiciary
c)    Lack of clear constitutional provisions
d)    Weak political executive due to its dependence on Legislature

7).The doctrine of ‘basic structure of the Constitution’ as a principle of judicial review ___________.
a)    Is strictly in accord with the principle of procedure established by law   
b)    Is inconsistent with the principle of due process of law
c)    Accepts the theory that the Legislature is the supreme law making body
d)    Assumes the power of Judging the wisdom of the Sovereign Legislature

8).Which of the following are included in Article 78 of the Indian Constitution defining the duties of Prime Minister?
1.    To communicate to the President all decisions of the Council of Ministers relating to the administration of the affairs of the Union and proposals for Legislation
2.    To take prior presidential sanction for the Budget before submitting it to Parliament
3.    To furnish the information called by the President regarding administration of the affairs of the Union
4.    If the President so requires, to submit for the consideration of the Council of Ministers a matter on which a Minister has taken a decision without submitting  the same for consideration by the Council.
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
a)    1 and 2
b)    1, 3 and 4
c)    2 and 4
d)    1 and 3

9).Which one of the following is NOT the means of enforcing responsibility upon the Cabinet?
a)    Questioning Ministers
b)    Vote of censure
c)    Call attention motion    
d)    No-confidence motion

10).The members of which one of the following standing communities are chosen exclusively from the members of the Lok Sabha?
a)    Public  Accounts Committee
b)    Committee on Public Undertakings
c)    Committee on Estimates
d)    Committee on Delegate Legislation

1). d)   2). d)   3). d)   4). d)   5). d)   6). b)   7). d)   8). b)   9). c)   10). c)

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