List of Important GK Questions from Geography for Upcoming SSC Exam

Geography - GK Quiz
List of Important GK Questions from Geography for Upcoming SSC Exam Set-12:
The List of Important GK questions from Geography were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC Exam can use this material. We also provide GK Questions from the topics such as, Indian Polity, History, Geography, Science, Economic and Commerce. Follow Us Daily for More Study Materials.

1).What are the Agricultural Crops of Punjab?
a)    Paddy  
b)    Pulses
c)    Tobacco
d)    All of the above  

2).Mangoes are exported to ____________.
a)    U.S  
b)    U.K
c)    Europe   
d)    All of the above  

3).Grapes are grown in ­­­­­_________.
a)    Maharashtra    
b)    Tamil Nadu
c)    Both (a) and (b)
d)    None of the above

4).World’s leading tea producer is __________.
a)    Java   
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    Myanmar
d)    India

5).An ad valorem tax is a tax levied on the basis of _________.
a)    The price of a commodity   
b)    The unit of a commodity
c)    The cost of production of a commodity
d)    Value of real estate or personal property

6).The most important source of public revenue is _________.
a)    Taxes
b)    Interest
c)    Dividends and profits
d)    Licence fees

7).Which of the following is the largest single source of the Government’s earning from tax revenue?
a)    Excise Duty   
b)    Customs Duty
c)    Corporation tax
d)    Income tax

8).Out of the following which one contributes the minimum amount to the Government’s tax revenue?
a)    Excise Duty
b)    Wealth tax
c)    Income tax
d)    Customs Duty

9).Which of the following is the major source of Government’s revenue?
a)    Direct taxes   
b)    Indirect taxes
c)    Licence fees
d)    Dividends and profits

10).Which of the following  Committee has submitted its report on Railway’s modernization?
a)    Sampath Committee 
b)    Rangarajan Committee
c)    Swaminathan Committee
d)    Sam Pitroda Committee

1). d)   2). d)   3). c)   4). d)   5). d)   6). d)   7). a)   8). b)   9). b)   10). d)