English questions (Sentence Improvement) with Explanations for SSC-CGL Exam 2015 Set-12

English Vocabulary sentence questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam 2015
English Vocabulary questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam 2015 set-12:
The list of English vocabulary sentence questions with Explanations for SSC CGL Exam is given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions. 

Choose alternative sentence/word for the given bold sentence/word, Incase no improvement is needed. Choose the correct answer.

1).The tribunal has postponed the hearing to December 15.
a)    Delayed
b)    Pushed
c)    Adjourned
d)    No Improvement

2).The workers are very determined on fighting for their dues.
a)    No Improvement
b)    Have seriously planned
c)    Hell bent   
d)    Have decided  

3).I will buy the house provided it is quite sound.
a)    Unless    
b)    Whether
c)    Until
d)    No Improvement

4).It was fortunate that the time bomb had burst only after the crowd had dispersed.
a)    Exploded    
b)    No Improvement
c)    Blown up
d)    Erupted

5).The amount multiplies over a period of time.
a)    Within   
b)    In
c)    By
d)    No Improvement

6).The police found a human body in the forest.
a)    Corpse
b)    No Improvement
c)    Carcass
d)    Copse

7).The teacher asked him to copy the material word for word.
a)    By   
b)    No Improvement
c)    Before
d)    After

8).Granting that he has a very great influence, he cannot injure us.
a)    Having great influence
b)    He may have great influence so
c)    Because of his great influence
d)    No Improvement

9).Equipment and practice space will be provided for the players.
a)    Much facility
b)    Each facility
c)    No Improvement    
d)    Every facility

10).Everyone of this girls is beautiful.
a)    That
b)    The
c)    These
d)    No Improvement

1). c)   2). c)   3). d)   4). a)   5). d)   6). a)   7). b)   8). d)   9). d)   10). c)

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