List of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SSC Exam 2015 Set-9

List of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SSC Exam
List of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SSC Exam 2015 Set-9:
The List of Important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SSC CGL Exam was given, below. These questions cover the topics like, Indian History and Culture, Economy, Geography, Indian Polity. Candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

1).The Parliament has cleared the Constitution (Amendment) Bill to operationalise the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh. It has become which of the following Constitutional amendments passed by the Parliament?
a)    119th
b)    99th
c)    100th
d)    101st

2).Which among the following is the only Indian Company (ranked 7th) among the world’s 10 biggest consumer financial services firms compiled by business magazine Forbes recently?
a)    ICICI
b)    SBI
c)    PNB
d)    HDFC

3).Which among the following is an example of derived demand.
a)    Cement
b)    Cold drink
c)    Cosmetics
d)    Flour

4).Afonso de Albuqerque is considered to be the founder of the imperial system of which of the following empires in India?
a)    French
b)    British
c)    Portuguese
d)    Dutch

5).Most plants have bisexual flowers and some plants have male flowers on one plant and female flowers on another plant which are called_____________.
a)    Monoecious
b)    Dioecious
c)    Monogamous
d)    Sterile

6).Consider the following characteristics of a market:
                      I.        The firm enjoys abnormal market
                    II.        The seller controls the prices of a particular product or service and is the price maker.
The above statements are true in the case of
a)    Monopolistic market
b)    Oligopolistic market
c)    Perfect competition
d)    None of the above

7).Which among the following country introduced Plastic banknotes?
a)    Canada
b)    US
c)    Australia
d)    Switzerland

8).The part of the Indian Constitution that provides for establishing India as a welfare state is____________.
a)    Direct Principles of State Policy
b)    Preamble of the Constitution
c)    Fundamental Duties
d)    Second Schedule of the Constitution

9).Which among the following is the tenure of the Rajya Sabha?
a)    2 years
b)    5 years
c)    6 years
d)    It is a permanent house

10).Match the following parts of the Indian Constitution and give answer:
1. Part I                       a.Citizenship
2. Part II                      b.The States
3. Part III                     c.The Panchayats
4. Part IV                    d. Union and its Territory
                        1     2    3   4  
a)    d     a    b   c
b)    d     c     b   a
c)    b     d     c   a
d)    a     d     c   b

1). a)   2). d)   3). a)   4). c)   5). b)   6). a)   7). c)   8). a)   9). d)   10). a)

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