List of Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity

Indian Constitution and Polity
List of Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity:
The List of Important General Awareness Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity was given here below. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams can use this.

1. Which brilliant writer, constitutional expert, undisputed leader of the scheduled castes and the chief architect of the constitution of India is also known as a ‘Modern Manu;?
Answer- Dr B R Ambedkar

2. The Constituent Assembly was constituted in November 1946 under the scheme formulated by the:
Answer - Cabinet Mission Plan

3. Who introduced the final draft of the constitution in the assembly on November 4 , 1948?
Answer - Dr B R Ambedkar

4. When the Constituent Assembly held its first meeting on December 9, 1946. Dr.Sachchidananda Sinha, the oldest member, was elected as the temporary President of the assembly, following the ________ practice.
Answer - French Practice

5. Which type of government is based on the principle of cooperation and co-ordination between the legislative and executive organs?
Answer - Parliamentary Form of Government

6. Which feature of the Indian Constitution was added during the operation on internal emergency (1975-77) by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1976 on the recommendation of the Swaran Singh Committee?
Answer - Fundamental Duties

7. Which feature of democracy makes it broad –based, enhances the self – respect and prestige of the common people, upholds the principle of equality, enables minorities to protect their interests and opens up new hopes and vistas for weaker sections?
Answer - Universal Adult Franchise

8. Which Constitutional Amendment acts of 1992 added a third tire of government (i.e, Local) which is not found in any other constitution of the world?
Answer - 73rd and 74th amendments

9. The right to property (Article 31) was deleted from the list of fundamental rights by the:
Answer - 44th amendments Act of 1978

10. The______ to the Indian Constitution is based on the ‘ Objectives resolutions ‘ , drafted and moved by Pandit Nehru, and adopted by the Constituent Assembly.
Answer - Preamble

11. The directive principles of the state policy under which article secures to men and women equal right to an adequate means of livelihood and equal pay for equal work?
Answer - Article 39

12. According to which member of the Drafting Committee of the constituent assembly. ‘Dignity of the individual’ signifies that the constitution not only ensures material betterment and maintains a democratic set-up, but that it also recognizes that the personality of every individual is sacred?
Answer - K M Munshi

13. Which former Chief Justice of India , observed, ‘Preamble resemble the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, but is more than a declaration. It is the soul of our Constitution’?
Answer – M Hidayathullah

14. In which landmark case of 1960 did the Supreme Court say that the Preamble shows the general purpose behind the several provisions in the constitution, and is thus the key to minds of the makers of the Constitution?
Answer - Berubari Union

15. The preamble has been amended only once so far in ____ by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, Which has added three new words-Socialist, Secular and Integrity to the Preamble.
Answer - 1976

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