List of Important GK Questions from Geography for Upcoming SSC Exam

Geography - GK Quiz
List of Important GK Questions from Geography for Upcoming SSC Exam Set-1:
The List of Important GK questions from Geography were given here, Candidates those who are preparing for the SSC Exam can use this material. We also provide GK Questions from the topics such as, Indian Polity, History, Geography, Science, Economic and Commerce. Follow Us Daily for More Study Materials.

1).The Bay of Bengal is located to the _____ of India?
a)    West
b)    South
c)    South-East
d)    South-West

2).Palk Strait separates India from ______.
a)    Sri Lanka
b)    Myanmar
c)    Maldives
d)    Lakshadweep

3).The most centrally located meridian of India passes through______.
a)    Ahmadabad
b)    Allahabad
c)    Hyderabad
d)    Aurangabad

4).The highest peak in India______.
a)    Mt. Everest
b)    Mt. Godwin Austin
c)    Mt. Kanchenjunga
d)    Dhaulagiri

5).The source of River Ganga is_________.
a)    Yamunotri
b)    Siachen
c)    Gangotri
d)    Karakoram

6).The Himalayas are known as_________.
a)    Abode of snow
b)    Volcano
c)    Sahyadri
d)    Himadri

7).The ________divides the country into the equal halves.
a)    Tropic of Cancer
b)    Tropic of Capricorn
c)    Equator
d)    Greenwich Meridian

8).India is connected to European countries through the _______ canal.
a)    Panama
b)    Grand
c)    Suez
d)    Buckingham

9).India is connected with China, Japan and Australia through the ______.
a)    Palk Strait
b)    Malaccan Strait
c)    Berring Strait
d)    Strait of Gibraltar

10).India is the _______ largest country in Asia?
a)    First
b)    Second
c)    Third
d)    Fourth

1). c)   2). a)   3). b)   4). b)   5). c)   6). a)   7). a)   8). c)   9). b)   10). b)

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