List of Important GK Questions from General Science

List of Important GK Questions from General Science
List of Important GK Questions from General Science:
The List of Important General Awareness Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity was given here below. Candidates those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams can use this.

 1. In Mechanics, there are three physical quantities namely mass, length and ____ which are called fundamental physical quantities.
 Answer - Time

2. Velocity, acceleration, force, weight, momentum, displacement, impulse, torque, magnetic field , electric field, gravitational field , current density, temperature gradient etc are ______ quantities.
Answer - Vector quantities

3. According to which law of physics, the time rate of change of linear momentum of a body is directly proportional to the applied force and the change takes place in the direction of the applied force?
Answer - Newton’s Second law of motion

4. The force acting between the two surfaces in contact which acts tangential to the surface in contact and opposes the relative motion between them is called:
Answer - Force of Friction

5. If various satellites of different masses revolve around the earth in same orbit then their orbital velocities will be:
Answer - The same

6. If the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle then light does not enter at all into rarer medium, but gets reflected totally into the denser medium; this phenomenon is called:
Answer - Total Internal Reflection

7. The process in which a heavy nucleus is broken into two nearly equal fragments is called:
Answer -Nuclear Fission

8. What is the phenomenon of light emission in which the substance continues to emit light for some time after the light incident on it is stopped?
Answer - Phosphorescence

9. The time interval in which the mass of a radioactive substance or the number of its atoms is reduced to half its initial Value is called the ____ of that substance.
Answer -  Half Life

10.The Conversation of atmospheric nitrogen into its various derivative compounds and their reconversion into nitrogen after usage is called:
Answer -Nitrogen Cycle

11. Petroleum wells in California in America are the major source of iodine in which concentrated sodium and potassium iodide are present in:
Answer - Brine

12. Which element is used in the bleaching of cotton textiles, paper and rayon, in the manufacture of bleaching powder, Chloroform, HC1, and a number of synthetic organic compounds?
Answer - Chlorine

13. Which atmospheric layer absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays and protects the living beings on earth?
Answer - Ozone layer

14. What is a special type of protein whose major function is carrying oxygen from lungs to various tissues by the help of blood?
Answer - Hemoglobin

15. The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) has build the largest Radio Telescope in the world in rural area near the village of:
Answer - Khodad

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