List of Expected GK Questions from Railway Budget 2015-16

Railway Budget 2015-16
List of Expected GK Questions from Railway Budget 2015-16:
The List of Expected GK Questions from the Railway Budget 2015-16 was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for upcoming SSC CGL Exams and other competitive exams can use these questions.

1).In Railway Budget 2015-16, Bullet Train Project between _______ and ______ was proposed.
a)    Mumbai - Ahmadabad
b)    Delhi - Agra
c)    Chennai - Bangalore
d)    Mumbai- Surat

2).What is the name of the new council, which was introduced by the Railway Minister to provide innovative ideas and business rearrangements in Railways?
a)    Involatra
b)    Basmitra
c)    Kayakalp
d)    Shohibha

3).What will be the operation ratio of the Railways in 2015-16?
a)    79.5%
b)    88.5%
c)    81.5%
d)    91.5%

4).What is the Toll Free helpline number for the Railways that work for 24 × 7 all over the India?
a)    148
b)    158
c)    138
d)    128

5).How much amount was allotted to provide Lifts and Escalators?
a)    Rs. 140 crores
b)    Rs. 120 crores
c)    Rs. 135 crores
d)    Rs. 160 crores

6).What is the name of the scheme that allows buying unreserved tickets within 5 minutes?
a)    M-Ticket
b)    Make way for eTicket
c)    Smart Ticket
d)    Operation 5 Minutes

7).Passengers can book their train tickets ______ days prior from the travel date.
a)    120
b)    150
c)    140
d)    160

8).As per Railway Budget 2015-16, how many Bio-Toilets will be launched in the Trains?
a)    21,000
b)    15,000
c)    17,000
d)    20,000

9).Who much amount will be invested in the Railways in next 5 years?
a)    Rs. 9.5 lakh crore
b)    Rs. 7.5 lakh crore
c)    Rs. 10.5 lakh crore
d)    Rs. 8.5 lakh crore

10).Satellite Railway Terminals will be launched in ____ major cities.
a)    11
b)    10
c)    12
d)    14

1). a)   2). c)   3). b)   4). c)   5). b)   6). d)   7). a)   8). c)   9). d)   10). b)